Pain and why God cares.


Every time I am faced with the question of pain and suffering in reference to a perfect and holy God I can't help but make the observation that pain and suffering was not spared even for God himself. Jesus knew firsthand what it meant to be taken advantage of, betrayed, and abused. He did nothing to deserve it or to earn it other than loving wholeheartedly and purely. The cross is an example of the destruction of evil, and reveals the ability to withstand even though undeserved. 
This has been a constant theme today, and one I can't seem to shake. I don't know where you are brother or sister, but know God is not calloused or nonchalant to your circumstances. He is not absent from suffering but instead he is present and eager to heal and redeem. Of all the ideas of theism and deity Jesus is the ONLY God who equates himself with human suffering. Not only does he equate himself with it he thrust himself into the fray and fully understands our pain. Evil and suffering are not good, but Jesus is. He is ever sovereign and holy in our circumstances. He does not dwell above it. He writhes in it with us while eagerly, and patiently waiting for us to unclench our fist and to redeem every tear. You are truly a good good father Jesus.